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priME SIM Innovation:

priME SIM Innovation is a haptic business simulation for learning the central elements of start-up and innovation processes. The participants will be divided into teams of 2 – 10 people and a maximum of 5 teams and will be introduced to the following topics in structured instructional activity modules guided by the seminar management:

  • Idea generation based on future social megatrends using the 6-3-5 method
  • Examination and selection of generated ideas according to market relevance and others with
    the printer game
  • Team composition with the priME SIM Teamtest after Belbin
  • Business model development with the Business Model Canvas or with the Business Plan
  • Identifying of target customer groups with the Happy Customer Canvas Game
  • Definition of value hierarchies based on the „Nine Diamonds“
  • Learning Design Thinking and Lean-Startup processes based on the priME SIM Innovation Methodbox

You will find detailed information in our Brochure of priME SIM Innovation.

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