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Under the brand priME BIZ priME Academy AG contributes corporate and training by means of business simulations. For these purposes own business simulations from the priME SIM series and business simulations of partners that develop other thematic fields are used.




The priME CUP is an international entrepreneurship and management competition. The different levels of competition allow participants to deal with topics that are related to entrepreneurship. The target group is diverse and comprises students, trainees and research assistants but also young professionals and leaders. Another focus of priME CUP lies on an extensive networking between all actors and participants.




Under the brand priME SIM, the company develops and markets their own computerized business simulations. The development of this “flight simulators” takes place under consideration of the company’s great experience with such tools and in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, management and sustainability – simulations take place in real time and are turn-based.



priME SIM Innovation

priME SIM Innovation is a haptic business simulation for learning the central elements of start-up and innovation processes. The following topics and tools are offered for the simulation:

  • Sensibilization for sustainability for products and services according to the Circular Economy Approach
  • 6-3-5-method for an idea generation process based on future social megatrends
  • Printer Game for examination and selection of the ideas according to market relevance
  • Belbin Teamtest for identifying suitable roles for each team member and target-oriented team development
  • Business Model Canvas or Business Plan for developing a suitable business model
  • Happy Customer Canvas Game for determining relevant target groups
  • Nine Diamonds for defining the hierarchy of values
  • Design Thinking- and Lean-Startup-Processes



priME SIM Entrepreneurship

priME SIM Entrepreneurship is a strategic start-up simulation to learn the key elements of a start-up process. The business simulation specifically addresses the challenges in the pre-start-up phase before entering the. The offered learning nuggets comprises:

  • Megatrends
  • Visions and goals
  • Success factors of the company
  • Start-Up-financing and -fundings
  • Elevator Pitch



priME SIM Strategic Management

The computer-based business simulation priME SIM Strategic Management introduces the participants into the processes of a company in growth. They have to deal with capacity and technology issues, daily legal and economic issues in a business environment. Offered learning modules comprises the topics on:

  • Accounting and Business Analysis
  • Product development and design
  • Patent law and related challanges
  • Media impact analyzes related to sinus environments
  • Sustainability Management



priME SIM Clinic Management

The computer-aided business simulation priME SIM Clinic Management leads the participants into the management processes of a hospital. It uses modern leadership strategies in three levels, which a clinic of the future should follow today – following the megatrend of highly specialized medicine. The participants faces with current challenges for example with the phenomenon of the aging society and its complex medical care, generally rising health care costs, to the coworker guidance with simultaneous high cost pressure, to capacity and load issues as well as to health-ethical and economical-practical problems of the hospital everyday.

priME Academy AG is working constantly on its portfolio further and new development. Individual solutions of serious games are developed upon request.